How to Enchant an Elytra in Minecraft

How to Enchant an Elytra in Minecraft

To enchant an elytra in Minecraft, you will need to place it inside an anvil as it can not be enchanted with an enchanting table. You will also need an enchanted book in order to enchant the Elytra. As shown below, you will need to place the book inside the anvil.

Once everything is in place exactly as shown, you can enchant the Elytra with very little experience. This will vary depending on what enchantment you use.

Before you can enchant elytras, however, you need to know where to find one, and how to get an anvil as well as an enchanted books.

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Anvils can be made with four iron ingots and three iron blocks. You can also make an anvil to get enchanted books. First, you can trade with villager when they have them in their inventories. 

This requires emeralds that you can find underground. You can trade them, but you also have the option to loot them in dungeons or other structures. You will now need to find an end city to find the elytra. Sometimes, floating ships will be found within these cities; you can find the Elytra inside one of them. 

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