How to dye armor in Minecraft (all platforms) 

How to dye armor in Minecraft (all platforms) 

In MinecraftYou can use dye to alter the colors of different items in the game such as carpets and wool. You can also dye certain armors, but the process is different between platforms. Here’s everything you need about how to dye armor. Minecraft.

How to dye armor in Minecraft (all platforms). 

To dye armor in MinecraftYou will need to make some dye and leather armor, and then put them in a crafting board as shown below. This process will be repeated for every piece of leather armor that you make. Minecraft Bedrock and Pocket edition.

You will need to take a few steps more in the Pocket and Bedrock editions to dye your armor. Minecraft. First, make seven iron ingots.

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Fill the cauldron with water. You can use water jars, or a bucket. Both can be made with the same recipe if you don’t know how to make them. Make a glass jar using the below recipe with glass before you can make a water container. 

You can make an Iron bucket by following the same recipe but using iron ingots instead of glass. Once you have the two crafted, simply walk up to a source of water and use your interaction keys to obtain water to fill your bucket or water jar.

Click to add the dye to the cauldron. Next, heat the leather armor to your desired color using the hot bar. Click again to dye your armor the desired color. That’s all there is to it about how to dye armor. Minecraft.

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