How to download Minecraft Education Edition?

How to download Minecraft Education Edition?

Minecraft Education Edition can be downloaded from the official website. 

Be aware that you will need to have a school email in order to use this version. You can access Minecraft Education Edition content by using the bedrock version of Minecraft if you don’t have a school account.

Simply go to Minecraft Bedrock and create a new Minecraft world. Then enable cheats, then click the option under cheats that reads enable education edition. After doing this, you will be able to access all Minecraft educational edition items and content.

The two options for downloading the game are: the regular installer option, or the windows store.  You can simply load the game into Mircosoft and download it from the store.

For other platforms, you can find the version you need to download under the section at the bottom of the page that says “Additional Platforms.”

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After you click download, you will be prompted to choose where you would like to download Minecraft Education Edition. 

Once it’s done, click on the Minecraft Education Edition installer to begin installing the game. You will first need to choose the location where you want Minecraft to be installed. After that, you can let the program do its work and install Minecraft.

After a while, which can vary from System to System depending on the system, the installer will complete and you’ll be able to start the game by finding the file on your computer.

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