Our outfits become tired and outgrown. It’s great to be able to save outfits for later use, but you can also delete outfits. Roblox lets you do both.

Roblox Mobile: How to Remove Outfits

Roblox mobile requires you to use a web browser to delete your outfits. Outfits cannot be deleted in Roblox mobile app. To do this, you will need to use Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

It is easy to delete outfits from a web browser. You can delete Roblox outfits from your mobile device by following the steps below.

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Roblox Website: Open a web browser from your iOS/Android phone and then go to the Roblox site. To use Roblox desktop version, you will need to Request Desktop Site.

Request Desktop Version: To request Desktop Version, on Google Chrome press the… Button at the bottom-right corner. Scroll through the menu until Request Desktop Site appears. Safari: Press the A Button in the top left corner to request Desktop Website.

Login to Roblox with your Roblox user credentials.

Go to Avatar Editor: To access the Avatar Editor, click on the Menu Button (3-line) in the upper-left corner. Click Avatar to open the available options.

Scroll down to the Costumes tab in the Avatar Editor. Click this button, then click on My Costumes from drop-down menu.

Delete your Outfits: To delete an Outfit in Roblox Mobile, click on the Settings button (Gear Cog), right next to it. Click on Delete, then click on Delete again to confirm. Roblox must be saved with an Outfit to delete an Outfit.

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That’s it. It is important to be sure that you don’t want the Outfit anymore before you delete anything. If you do, it will be necessary to start over.

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