How to Defeat a Boss Cube Monster in the Sideways in Fortnite

How to Defeat a Boss Cube Monster in the Sideways in Fortnite

Players have become experts at taking on Cube Monsters in Fortnite’s Sideways Anomaly. Caretakers is a new type of Cube Monster that can be even more destructive. Players might need some help to take down this powerful creature. Players will receive a reward for defeating one of these Caretakers.

After the match begins, locate the large purple glowing circle symbolised on the map. Players will find the Boss Cube Monster silhouette moving around the area when they arrive. To open the Sideways Anomaly, fire at it.

Screenshot via Epic GamesScreenshot via Epic GamesScreenshot via Epic Games

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Before becoming a Caretaker for these Caretakers, be sure to keep your supplies up to date with meds and ammo. Fire at the Boss Cube Monster regularly and use the Sideways to get rehydrated if necessary.

Fortnite’s Boss Cube Monsters can be defeated if players have enough ammunition and med supplies.

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