How to Damage opponents using the Choppa Blades in Fortnite

How to Damage opponents using the Choppa Blades in Fortnite

You can increase your Battle Pass level during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 by completing the XP Xtravaganza Challenges, which are available in the latter part of the season. You will need to complete these if you want to increase your level and unlock the holographic style.

Choppa Blades are a great way to harass players

This challenge can be a little difficult because hitting someone with the helicopter blades is tricky. You will most likely bump the player, but this will not count towards your task. This can be done on bots which can be found at Stark Industries and Doom’s Domain. There is a helicopter at each location, so get in the helicopter and start heading towards it. To get your blades down enough to strike the enemy, you will need to dip the Choppa left, right, and forward. You can rock the helicopter backwards or you can use it to boost it forward.

You can knock them down first, then damage them as they fall.

For even more adventure, take a look at the hidden challenges you can do! Here are some of the challenges available, as well as the hidden ones.

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