Roblox users start with a default avatar. However, did you know there were many customization options available to customize that avatar? Players can be exactly who they want across all games, regardless of their Body Type or clothes and accessories.

How to personalize your Roblox avatar

You can customize your Roblox avatar using the Avatar Editor on PC. Click Menu (three-line button) to access this section. A drop-down menu will open where you need to click Avatar. This will open the Avatar Editor. It displays your Avatar, as well all the items that you have on your account.

Mobile: Open Roblox on your iOS/Android phone and click the Avatar button at the bottom-center. To change the appearance of your avatar, click Customize.

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How to use Avatar Editor

The Avatar Editor is quite simple. Simply click on the item you wish to equip to your Avatar, and then preview how it looks. If you are not happy with the item, click again to un-equip it from your Avatar. You should not equip more than one item to the same part of your body. You should not do this unless you have an intention.

You will find all of your items arranged into one list when you first visit the page. This can be overwhelming so Roblox created drop-downs that are categorized by Costumes, Body, Animations and Costumes.

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Clothing: Make changes to all parts of your clothing, from hair to shirts, backs, and other gear.

Body: Do you want your right hand to look different than your left? This section allows you to modify specific areas of your body. It is up to you to personalize your avatar. Roblox avatars do not have to be uniform.

Animations: Many animations can be equipped under this tab. You can use them to show various applauds and shrugs as well as dances.

Costumes: Do you love what you have, but would like to try something different? Don’t worry, you can save your current look as a Costume. This outfit can be saved and will remain available as a preset option with a simple click. This saves time and is much more efficient than manually redressing Roblox avatar.

How to get a free avatar item

Robux is required for most items in the Avatar Catalog. Roblox does occasionally release free Avatar items through the Avatar Catalog, or secret Promo Codes. These exclusive freebies will only be available for a short time so make sure to redeem them soon.

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