How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

How to Cure a Zombie Villager in Minecraft

Quite often in Minecraft Survival, players will seek out shelter or residence in Villages. These villages are great places to trade, gather supplies, rest and trade. But, it is possible for Zombie Villagers to attack your village friends and you could be the victim of Zombie Raids. How can we solve this dilemma?

How to Cure the Zombie Villager in Minecraft

You’ve made friends and are now a Villager. It happens to all of us. Or they could be hurt, as you can’t protect them (we laugh, we giggle). Whatever the circumstances, you want to get them back to being the Villager they once were. It is easy to do so.

First, you’ll need two things: a Golden Apple and something to make the Zombie Villager have the Weakness Effect. This could be any thing that causes weakness. But, if you don’t know what it is, here are some examples.

  • Splash Potion for Weakness (Extended, Normal)
  • A Lingering Potion Of Weakness: The Lingering Cloud
  • A Creeper Explosion’s Lingering Cloud
  • Arrow of Weakness

An average Golden Apple can also be crafted at the Crafting Table. This requires 8 x Gold Nuggets in the crafting slots surrounding the Apple in its middle slot.

A Zombie Villager under the Weakness Effect.A Zombie Villager under the Weakness Effect.

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Use your Splash Potion of Weakness (or whichever way you’re causing the Weakness effect) on the Zombie Villager. It will have the same effects on the Zombie Villager as it would on any other entity. Important to remember is the visual effects. Make sure the Zombie Villager is free of grayish-purple specks so you know it’s under the Weakness Effect. The image to the right shows an example.

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A Zombie Villager transforming.A Zombie Villager transforming.

Use the Golden Apple to combat the Weakness Effect on the Zombie Villager. If the Zombie Villager has red particles around it, you can tell that this was a successful operation. The Zombie Villager is not going to transform immediately into a Villager. Instead, the Zombie Villager will be randomly given three to five minutes before it transforms. While it waits for the Villager to transform, it will act as a Zombie.

Congratulations! You have just cured Zombieism! They might stop making so many Zombie movies now.

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