How to create a Minecraft Mob Farm

How to create a Minecraft Mob Farm

You can grow potatoes and wheat in Minecraft to make your own food. You can also grow mushrooms to make potions or trees to make wood. You can also farm arrows, string, and even XP. With a Mob Farm, you can farm all of these things and more. Here are the steps required to create a Mob Farm on Minecraft.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is build the platform where the mobs land and the device to collect your resources. Place two double chests one block from the ground, back to back. Place four hoppers above the chests. Finally, place a slab you choose on top of every hopper.

Step 2

Next, leave a gap of one slab above the base and build a tower that extends upwards by 22 blocks. This tower should be hollowed out with a gap of 2×2 in the middle. This chute will allow our mobs to fall onto our platform.


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Step 3

The top block of our chute tower should have two blocks that are extended outwardly by eight blocks. This will give rise to a plus-shaped shape. Next, construct a wall two blocks high on each side of the plus’ 9th block. Then, wrap the wall around the remaining edges of your plus shape to create a wall that is two blocks tall.


Step 4

Connect the arms of your plus sign to create a square by placing blocks at the top of the block-high wall. This square should measure 20 blocks on each side. A wall of two blocks height should be placed on the outside block.

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Step 5

You can then place trap doors in the blocks on top of the plus sign. You can then place them flat against the wall. Place water on each end of the plus sign. The water will flow towards the 2×2 hole at the center.

Once the mobs start spawning they will believe that the folded-down trapdoor is a block they are able to walk on and then they’ll fall into the river. The water will force them into the middle hole and down the chute. Don’t forget about removing any torches from the farm. Finally, cover the platform with a roofing to create a 2-block high area for the mobs.


There you have it! So that’s how you can build a Minecraft Mob Farm. If you have all the blocks counted correctly when the mobs drop into the chute, they’ll fall 22 blocks until they reach the base we made. They will have very little health so you can quickly finish them and collect their XP.

This farm can be decorated or built underground. The main structure must remain the same so you can continue to Farm the Mobs.

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