How to craft and use a hopper in Minecraft

How to craft and use a hopper in Minecraft

To make a hopper in Minecraft, you will need a total of six iron ingots and one chest placed in a v-shaped pattern, as shown below.

Making hoppers is easy because you only need iron and a wooden box. The easiest way to get iron is to mine iron ore, then melt it down using a furnace. 

We recommend that you explore a cavern if you have difficulty getting the ore you require. Iron is easy to find in the first caverns. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to create a hopper that you can then use for other purposes. 

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How to use a Minecraft hopper?

Players can use a hopper in Minecraft to transfer items to other locations such as chests by place the resources inside the hopper and have the hopper connected or right next to a chest. 

This method can also be used for transferring resources between crafting stations like a furnace. The guide above will help you to build an auto smelter. 

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