How to Craft an Anvil in Pixelmon

How to Craft an Anvil in Pixelmon

Pixelmon is a mod for Minecraft that serves as a cross between the core game and an open-world first-person version of Pokémon. The Anvil is a critical tool necessary in Pixelmon, but it’s crafted in a different way than the normal Minecraft anvil! Below is the complete recipe.

How to make a Pixelmon Anvil

The Anvil crafting process is simple and not difficult. The Anvil requires far fewer resources than that in Minecraft’s core version. It can also be used to create Aluminum Plates or Poke Balls. To craft it, you’ll only need 8x Iron Ingots.

The Anvil's crafting recipe in Pixelmon.The Anvil's crafting recipe in Pixelmon.

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If you are unable to see this image, the following is the recipe: Place the eight Iron Ingots on a crafting table in each crafting slot, except the one in the middle row.

It’s easy! Now you have an Anvil in Pixelmon.

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