Bows are a fascinating new mechanic in Fortnite for Chapter 2 Season 6. They are not a new weapon but they can be upgraded to better bows that have more abilities. This guide will show you how to make a basic Mechanical Bow.

How to make a mechanical bow

All Bows are made in the same way. Makeshift Bows are a rare rarity. Mechanical Bows, on the other hand, are rare and uncommon. Upgraded versions of mechanical bows are an epic rarity. Makeshift Bows are the first step in crafting one. This image will give you an example of what to watch out for when traversing the map.

A Makeshift Bow on the ground.A Makeshift Bow on the ground.

Four Mechanical Parts are also required. These are ingredients that can be used to make crafting materials. They can be taken from Vehicles, Forklifts, or Tractors. Once you have four Mechanical Parts and a Makeshift Bow collected, you will be able to make a Mechanical Bow.

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How to craft a Mechanical Bow in Fortnite.How to craft a Mechanical Bow in Fortnite.

Navigate to your ingame Inventory menu. Once you’re there, ensure that you have the Makeshift Bow in your inventory. You can see the possibilities of what you could make with the materials you have. In this instance, we have selected the Makeshift Bow and made it into a Mechanical Bow.

Select Craft. You will be able to exit the inventory menu immediately. It will take your character a few seconds before you can complete the action. Congratulations, now you have a Mechanical Bow.

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