How to Craft a Copper Block in Minecraft

How to Craft a Copper Block in Minecraft

Copper ingots will be required to make awesome copper blocks in Minecraft. Copper ingots can be obtained quickly from the game’s copper ore. It starts spawning in the overworld and goes down to the most remote reaches of the earth.

The best place to search for copper ore is in layers 47 and 48. One variant can be found in deep slate, while the other cannot. You will also need to have silk touch enchanted on the pickaxe in order to mine deep slate copper.

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Once you’ve found some copper ore to melt, bring it back into your furnace. The next step in making copper blocks is to create or get a stonecutter. A stone cutter can be made with three blocks of soil and one iron ingot, as shown below.

After you’ve made a stonecutter, you can place it down on the table. Then, use your copper ingots to make solid blocks. Fill every space on a crafting board with them. This is how you create solid copper blocks in the game. You can also make cut copper blocks from these solid blocks.

Place the copper blocks inside the stonecutter machine you just built. You will then be able create all types of copper blocks such as stairs, slabs and regular blocks.

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