How to craft a Boat in Minecraft

How to craft a Boat in Minecraft

There are lands upon lands waiting to be explored in Minecraft, but it’s not always easy to reach every biome. You might end up in a sea of water because every world is random. That’s where a boat comes in handy.

It takes too long to swim in the ocean without a boat. A boat can make it much easier. You’ll also be much better protected against dangerous sea mobs like Drowners. If you’re planning on finding the End Portal, you’re definitely going to need a boat to reach the End Portal stronghold. 

How to build a boat

It’s super easy to craft a boat in Minecraft. Here’s what you will need:

  • 5x Wood Planks
  • 1x Crafting Table

Attention Minecraft Bedrock Edition Players The other important aspects of the 5x Wooden Planks And the 1x Crafting TableYou will also require a 1x Wooden Shovel To build a boat.

To craft a boat, open your Crafting Table. Place 5 Wood Planks on the Crafting Table It takes the shape of a vesselAs shown above. The bottom should be lined with three wooden planks. One plank should be placed in the middle row in the left slot. The last Wooden Plank, should be in the middle row in the right slot. For Minecraft Bedrock Edition players: Place 1 Wooden Shovel in middle row, in middle slot. You now have a boat.

Types and types of boats

You can craft 6 types of boats:

  • Oak Boat
  • Spruce Boat
  • Birch Boat
  • Jungle Boat
  • Acacia Boat
  • Dark Oak Boat

These boats conform to the appearance of the wood you have cut down, and they do not impact transportation. These different wood types can easily be discovered by searching biomes and removing trees from the biomes.

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