How to consume 30 foraged items in a single Fortnite match

How to consume 30 foraged items in a single Fortnite match

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 4, if you want to increase your XP, you should complete the XP Xtravaganza Challenges in the overtime portion of the season. These may have multiple parts and some are hidden from your view. However, if you want to increase your Battle Pass level 100, these will be the best thing you can do!

Consuming foraged items

Although you don’t have to do this in one go, it is nice to be able and quick to finish it. Catty Corner is the best way to complete this task quickly. It is located in the southeast corner of the map, near the mountains. There is a gas station and market. You can find food boxes at both of these places that contain a variety of foraged products. These can be opened up quickly and eaten as soon as possible. You can then make a ramp and leap off it to do serious damage if you have full health.

You should be able get the area all by yourself, so you can easily get enough food to finish the challenge. You will find additional food in the norther part of Catty Corner, so make sure you visit that area.

This is the second week’s challenge, but it is hidden! This is a manageable challenge you can complete, even though it won’t be on the list. Let’s take a look at all the challenges available, even the hidden ones.

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