Yanxiao’s Dilemma, a Daily Commission, gives players insight into Smiley Yanxiao’s and Jiangxue’s friendship. This will increase your chances to obtain the Commission. You can set your request location for Liyue in the Adventurer’s Handbook by selecting Commissions and then selecting Liyue from a drop-down menu at the upper right. You will need to have a lot luck to find Yanxiao’s Dilemma at random days.

Smiley Yanxiao can be reached at the Wangshu Inn’s Kitchen once you have the Daily Commission. He has been asked to prepare a meal for Jiangxue, a freeloader. It’s not his favorite job, but he asks for your help. x1 Jueyun Chili, x1 Lotus Head.

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It is easy to find Jueyun Chili bundles of 3 in Qingce Village. You can also find a lot of Lotus Heads within the shallow waters at Yujing Terrace, Luhua Pool. Smiley Yanxiao will give you one of each and ask that you bring the rest to Jiangxue. Jiangxue fishes in the small island to the northeast of Wangshu Inn.

Talk to Jiangxue and he will ask you to express your gratitude to Yanxiao. To complete the Daily Commission, return to Wangshu Inn to speak to Smiley Yanxiao. Complete the Daily Commission BothYanxiao’s Dilemma, Fishing Jiangxue and the Wonders of the World Achievement will unlock the Secrets of the World Achievement Friendships that are nourishing.

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