Genshin Impact’s A Muddy Bizarre Adventure event unites players with Sumeru Researcher Hosseini at The Chasm Underground Mines. Together, you’ll work together to solve the problem of dark mud seeping into The Overworld.

The event will run from From July 22, 2022 to July 4, 20,22All players with Adventure Rank 28 or higher who have completed the challenge are eligible to participate. Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal SunderingThe Lumenstone Adjuvant was obtained from The Chasm SpelunkersWorld Quest. Prior to starting, please increase your level. Lumenstone AdjuvantLevel 2 and equip the Gadget with event tasks.

How to start Genshin Impact’s A Muddy Bizarre Adventure

Once you’ve met all the requirements, choose A Muddy Bizarre Adventure on the event menu and click Challenge. There are five components to the event that can be unlocked within the first five day. They must all be completed in an order. Select Transportation Test Click here Quest To initiate the event.

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How to pass the Transportation Test at Genshin Impact’s Muddy Bizarre Adventure

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After speaking to Hosseini Equip the Lumenstone Adjuvant Gadget: Make sure it is at least level 2. Then, interact with the Pursina’s Spike inside the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel in order to start the Transportation Test. Your goal is to Pursina’s Spike is protected By ensuring that the HP does not drop below zero All 21 of your opponents must be defeatedWithin the three-minute time limit.

Oozing Concretions, dark mud, will appear around monsters and Pursina’s Spike. They will increase the enemies’ Defense and Attack, making them more difficult to defeat. The Pursina’s Spike will be continuously damaged by their attacks, which will halt its charging process. You should be careful. Dispel the Oozing ConcretionsThe Lumenstone Adjuvant Gadget.

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Interact with other sources EnergyYou can charge the Lumenstone Ajuvant to continue dispelling Oozing Concreteions. You can find all types of Hilichurls in this enemy list, including Samachurls, Rock Shieldwall Mitachurls, as well as a Cryo Abyss Magie and a Pyro Abyss mage.

You can always try again if you fail the challenge. After completing it, head to the event menu and claim your 80 Primogems—plus other rewards—from the Transportation Test section.

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