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How to complete Three Realms Gateway offering: Part III Event Quest, Genshin Impact

The Three Realms Gateway Offering, a 40-day event, runs from From Feb. 17, 2022, through Mar. 30, 2022. It’s located in Enkanomiya under Watatsumi Islands. The core Event Questline is the Aphotic DiffusalThis is the process of clearing the darkness from three small islands. After completion Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part I Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part IINow you can play Part III.

Before you move forward, be sure to verify that you are Bokuso BoxIs Minimum level 11. This prerequisite can be met, but it won’t allow you to unlock any Teleport Waypoints within the area or counter the Corrosion Intensity.

Going to the Quest Location

The Enkanomiya Phase Gate will not take you to The Serpent’s Heart. This is in contrast to the previous parts. There are two routes to get there.

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Once you reach there, you will be able to unlock the Teleport Waypoint nearby (requires Bokuso Box Level 11). Five Tokoyo Legumes & Aphotium Ores. Next, follow the quest markers to the school for Ghostfishes in a crater just beside the Teleport Point. They will take you to the south-facing islet: Kunado’s Locus.

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Rotating Mechanism Puzzle

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Once inside the Kunado’s Locus you will find another sealed Teleport Waypoint at the entrance. This can be opened (requires Bokuso Box 11). Five Tokoyo Legumes & Aphotium Ores. It’s recommended that you follow the Electro Seelie right beside the Waypoint—it will lead you to the Tower’s location.

You will need to fight along the wayTwo Ruin Sentinels, Ruin Guard?, and two Shadowy HusksTo collect Husk Gems to complete the puzzle.

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Similar to the previous quests you should feed the three mechanisms. 12 Tokoyo Legumes, 12 Aphotium Ores?, and 10 Husk Gems. For the exact symbol order, there is an upside-down tablet of stone nearby that you can refer to.

After that, you will be prompted to climb again the Tower. You can climb it. Activate the Bokuso BoxYou can complete this subquest by standing beside the monument. The final part of the questline will be given to you, the Aftermath: Three Realms Gateway Offer.

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