The Three Realms Gateway Offering runs for 40 days and is open to all ages From Feb. 17, 2022, through Mar. 30, 2022. It is set in Enkanomiya under Watatsumi Islands. The core Event Questline is the Aphotic DiffusalThe third involves clearing the darkness from three of the islets. Once you have completed, Three Realms Gateway Offering: Part IAfter you click Continue, you’ll be prompted for Part II.

Before you proceed, ensure that you have completed the following:Bokuso box is at least level six. Although you can still complete the quest, this prerequisite will not allow you to unlock any Teleport Waypoints in your area. You may also not be able counter the Corrosion intensity.

Going to the Quest Location

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You can start by heading to the Dainichi Mikoshi’s area indicated in the photo above. The Enkanomiya Phase Gate will take you to the Evernight Temple. Once you reach it, use Enkanomiya phase gates to continue your route. The barrier is enclosed by three Seelie Posts.

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You can solve the puzzle by leading the Seelies in your vicinity back to their Posts. Next, use Elemental Sight for a nearby Seelie. Electro Rock PileYou can break this with heavy Attacks to reveal your last Seelie.

Each Seelie Post will give you one Common Chest. After you have completed all three, the barrier will be lifted. To create two waves of enemies, you must interact with the Challenge Trial: Kairagi and Bathysmal Vishaps. You will be awarded a Luxurious Chest and a school of Ghostfish It will be available.

To fly up, jump to the middle of Ghostfish. This will let you unseal Teleport Waypoint nearby (requires Bokuso Box Level 6). From there, Follow the quest markerTo the Ghostfish school that will take to you to the upper-right island: The Yachimatahime’s Locus.

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Rotating Mechanism Puzzle

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Once you reach the final quest location, a Teleport Point will be visible. This waypoint can be unlocked with Five Tokoyo Legumes, and five Aphotium OresBokuso Box level 6. Aside from an Enkanomiya Pha Gate, you’ll find an Electro Seelie. You will find the rotating mechanism puzzle by following the Seelie’s lead.

Two battles are required to complete the journey: one against Ruin Sentinels; and another against Shadowy Husks. You should engage in both battles to gain the best results.Husk GemsIt will later be used to solve the puzzle.

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The Electro Seelie will eventually lead you to the rotating mechanism puzzle—similar to the previous quest. The goal of the Electro Seelie is to activate all three mechanisms. eight Tokoyo Legumes, eight Aphotium OresAnd 10 Husk Gems. Next, turn the mechanisms so that the structure mirrors the order of symbols on the nearby tablet. For the correct order, refer to the image.

  • First mechanismRotate once until the symbols match
  • Second mechanismRotate two times or until symbols match
  • Third mechanismRotate three times or until the symbols match

After that, a cutscene will play. Next, you will be asked to climb up the massive structure to activate the Bokuso Box and complete the subquest.

Our guide is available here How does the Corrosion mechanic work in the Genshin Impact Three Realms Gateway Offering EventTo help you navigate the Enkanomiya’s void-filled Enkanomiya.


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