How to complete Temple Inquiry World Quest Enkanomiya In Genshin Impact

How to complete Temple Inquiry World Quest Enkanomiya In Genshin Impact

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The Temple Inquiry, a World Quest hidden in the Hyperion’s Dirge questline, is part of the Hyperion’s Dirge questline. Set your daylight setting to begin this quest. EverynightMake sure you have at the very least Each of the five types of Key Sigils is available in one.In your Inventory

Head to the Evernight Temple with a battle-ready team—the exact location is circled in the map below. You’ll find five stones in a clearing that contains the same symbols as the Key Sigils.

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To give each stone a Key Sigil, interact with them. The afterimage of Aberaku will then be created. Speak to AberakuIt was shocking to discover that he was once held captive by a child at a very high location. His spirit was made unable to rest because his body was enshrined at various locations due to his contributions to the creation of Helios.

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He informs you there are many perils ahead of him in his search for you and he wants you to test your skills. A second conversation with AberakuStart the Trial. You must defeat two Rockfond Rifthound Whelps and one Rockfond Rifthound Warden within the Trial.60 seconds. If you fail to defeat the monsters by the deadline, you have two options: ask another friend or try again.

Completing this Trial will earn you a Precious Heart. To obtain the Quest Item, make sure you speak to Aberaku again Offerings to Temple.

Our guide will help you get started. How to complete the Narrow Inquiry World Quest in Enkanomiya Genshin ImpactYou can continue this questline by completing another section.

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