Part of the Hidden Exploration ObjectivesThat unlocks After completing The Sun-Wheel, and Mt. Kanna, players can meet an illusion of Nonno—a girl in Chirai Shrine who wants to play hide and seek.

To complete the Objective, you must play hide-and-seek with Nonno five times. You will need to head to Chirai Shrine first. Then, search for Nonno at the indicated locations in the image. This is what you need to do. Follow this exact orderVisit the locations to see the illusions.

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The first is found at the ruin’s base with the Cube Puzzles in Chirai Shrine. While the second and the third are located within close proximity to the ruin, the first is the closest. The fourth can be found by the tree at the beach and the fifth by the Perch Tree.

Every time you head toward one of the marked-up areas, you’ll encounter Nonno, who’s having a blast playing hide and seek with you—she’s never been found before, after all. She’ll wave goodbye after the fifth encounter. The golden man will tell them to go.

Complete the dialogue and her illusion will vanish. Exquisite ChestYou will be able to loot.

You can help with many other illusions on Tsurumi island. Our guide is available. How to complete the Shitoki’s Treasure Map Hidden Objective in Genshin will help you solve one.

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