Roblox Royale High’s music composer needs your help to create his next great hit. Albert Kim needs your help to find 40 notes scattered across Diamond Beach in order to break out of his creative rut. This quest presents the greatest challenge. Every player will receive random notes.

Royale High’s music quest is not a one-size-fits all location guide. Each player will have their own unique locations, making it difficult and time-consuming to complete the music quest. Albert Kim will reward players who find all 40 of the notes.

How to Start the Music Quest

Teleport to Diamond Beach in order to begin the Music Quest in Roblox Royale High. You will find the stage at the beach, right below the car elevator. Albert Kim is hard at his piano playing and waiting to be approached. Talking to Albert can start the journey.

Although difficult to locate, the music notes are easy to identify. Each music note glows purple when it floats, making them stand out against the backgrounds.

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Top tips to locate Music Notes

The random nature of all notes means that the player should be ready to fly around Diamond Beach. This includes everywhere. On rooftops, in caves, and under water. The small islands located just outside Diamond Beach are worth a visit, as there were music notes hidden beneath rocks and palms trees.

You should check common areas like the car lift area, restaurants, and the stage where Albert Kim plays the piano. Also, be sure to inspect the white mansion that is behind the stage. There was a lot of success in finding notes, and other players have reported similar success.

The quest became more difficult when 22 notes were found. Try looking in the caves, in the road tunnels and in the back of the island further away from the main Diamond Beach area if you experience the same difficulty. Royale High’s music quest requires perseverance.

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Even though the locations of each music note may differ for different players, we recommend that you refer to multiple videos like the one below. Abbie’s Outlet.You should take note of the common places where Roblox players find the music notes. You might be able to miss a spot.

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