Genshin Impact’s Update 2.6 introduced a number of World Quests. Each World Quest provides some background information or lore for The Chasm. While all of them are fun miniature adventures to complete in their own right, one World Quest, in particular, takes you on a scenic scavenger hunt while explaining a bit of the Millelith’s involvement with The Chasm—the Millenial Mountains World Quest.

Completing the Millenial Mountains World Quest

Find Wang and the six Relics

First, you will need to find the Teleport Waypoint close to the Millenial Mountains World Quest. Chasm’s MawIn Liyue. Continue east for a short distance, and you will eventually find a man. WangOffering his prayers and respects to the Millelith’s memorial.

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Talk to Wang to find out about a treasure left behind in the Chasm and information about it. Six relics supposedly used to hide it away. Paimon will be seduced by the lure of treasure, and will readily agree to Wang’s request to assist in gathering all six Relics. These are the locations of Millenial Mountains Relics:

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  • One Warrior’s Spear
    • The Warrior’s Spear may be found on a mountain just south of Wang. It is also located west of Tiangong Gorge Teleport Waypoint. This Relic can be found here You can find it wedged between two rocks near two Sweet Flowers.
  • Two – Flower of Farsight
    • The Flower of Farsight is located on a cliff west of Wang. Near Tang Wuchou NPCTwo Qingxin Flowers. The flowers can be picked up by the recipient. A Cliff-Side Hero’s PastWorld Quest.
  • Three Skyfeather
    • Hidden at the east end of Wang, you will find The Skyfeather perched on a cliff. Inside of the Bird’s nestYou can find them among the Bird Eggs. You can see an eagle flying close by.
  • Four Helm of Warding
    • The Helm of Warding can also be found In a house to the north of Wang and east of The Seven’s Statute. Enter the house, and then destroy the exploding barrel to reveal a depression in the ground, and investigate the area to reveal this Relic.
  • Five – Sundial for Ages
    • The Sundial of Ages can found north-east of Wang and slightly to north-west of The Surface’s Teleport Waypoint. Stop the Treasure HoarderTo obtain the Relic, you must reside here
  • Six – Cup of Commons
    • First, make certain you have the key unlocked Undetected Infiltration World Quest to obtain the Cup of Commons by advancing through the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering World Quest. After this, you can start the Undetected Infiltration world quest. Lumberpick Valley to reveal a Precious Chest containing the Cup of Commons.

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What do you do with the Millenial Mountains World Quest relics?

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Once you have collected all six Relics go back to Wang or the Memorial Stone. You can investigate the stone to make your decision. Offer RelicsYou will need to give up all items in your inventory.

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To find a nice reward, enter the cavern. Luxurious ChestAlong with all four-star amenities Tenacity and the Millelithartifact set. Grab your treasures and read the message on the stone slab. Then, report back to Wang to complete Millenial Mountains World Quest. 40 Primogems And Three Hero’s Wit It’s all part of the process!

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