How to complete the Island Hopper Quests in Fortnite

How to complete the Island Hopper Quests in Fortnite

Fortnite’s Island Hopper series of quests, challenges and quests is summer-themed. To complete the quest, players must play six mini games under the Discover tab. The player will receive a backpack with bling and a brand new pickaxe if they do so.

Six different challenges are included in the Quests, each with six mini-games. prop huntThe color dash is the key to survival. You can take a break in Fortnite’s Battle Royale format by completing the quest. In-game rewards and XP are also available. Below are the Island Hopper games and challenges, along with how you can complete them.

Fortnite All Island Hopper Quests, and Challenges

You will need to complete six mini games and complete challenges, as mentioned above. Here’s a list of all mini games within the Island Hopper questline.

  • One trigger – Collect 3000 resources
  • Parkour Universe – Unlock 3 Achievements
  • Blimp Wars – Use eight Vending Machines
  • Color Dash – Unlock four Achievements
  • Ultimate Murder Mystery – Collect 50 Coins to Get 5 Melee Eliminations
  • Prop Hunt: Modern Mall XP+ – Eliminate Three Prop Opponents

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One trigger

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  • Island Code: 2668-5883-1928
  • Quest: Collect 3000 Resources

One TriggerThis survival game requires players to attempt to survive 100 days in the air and defeat the boss. You must collect at least 3000 resources to complete the quest. Keep in mind that collecting resources is the main objective. So keep hitting the platform with your pickaxe and continue to collect as many as you can!

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Parkour Universe

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  • Island Code: 0111-3743-0305
  • Quest: Three Achievements

In Parkour UniverseYou can complete different levels of parkour to advance the game. The first map, Autumn Plains, offers three achievements. To unlock the time trial and earn the first achievement, simply complete the stage. Next, you will need to complete the time trial in order to obtain the second achievement. To complete the third achievement, locate the gem on the map.

Blimp Wars

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  • Code Island: 0245-9239-26638
  • Quest: Use eight Vending Machines

In Blimp WarsOn top of blimps, players fight against NPCs. The Vending Machine gives players coins for killing NPCs. This quest can be completed by purchasing the lowest priced item eight times in the Vending Machine. To get 40 coins, you must first kill eight people. Then, buy eight Chili Chug Splashes at the Vending Machine.

Color Dash

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  • Island Code: 0321-998-8494
  • Quest: Get four Achievements

In Color DashYou must get your car to the color block by the deadline or you risk being eliminated. To earn the four achievements, players must participate in Color Dash and win at minimum one match. You can view the achievements board in-game for more information.

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Ultimate Murder Mystery

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  • Island Code: 01245841-7849
  • Quest: Collect 50 Coppers to Get 5 Melee Eliminations

Ultimate Murder MysteryThe Sheriff assigns the Sheriff, Hunter, and Innocent roles. The Innocents are to remain alive while the Sheriff searches for the hunter and eliminates him before the Hunter. We must either collect 50 coins, or we can get five melee eliminations to complete the quest. It is much easier to get gold than to get melee kills so we recommend collecting 50 coins. For 25 instant coins, ensure you open the daily reward box on the map.

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Prop Hunt: Modern Mall XP+

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  • Island Code: 1234-1679-1165
  • Quest: Eliminate 3 Opponents

In Prop Hunt: Modern Mall XP+Players are able to disguise themselves as props in order to avoid being caught by other players or become the hunter down of other players. To complete the quest you must eliminate three players hiding as props. In order to quickly complete the quest, you will need to spawn in a hunter. To respawn quickly as a hunter, you must quickly get eliminated if you spawned as a prop.

How to get the Macaw Darkwings Bling and Tropic’s Break Pickaxe in Fortnite

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Completing the six Island Hopper series quests will give the player exclusive in game rewards, such as a new pickaxe (or a backpack bling). This includes sprays, stickers and wraps, as well as emotes. Here are all the rewards for completing the Island Hopper Quest.

Fortnite Island Hopper Quests Rewards

  • Macaw Darkwings Back Bling — Complete six Island Hopper Quests
  • Tropic’s Pickaxe – Complete Six Island Hopper Quests
  • Tropical Infrared Wrap: Complete 3 Island Hopper Quests
  • Ravage Spray: Complete 3 Island Hopper Quests
  • Tropical Infrared Wrap: Complete 3 Island Hopper Quests
  • Raven Spray – Complete one-Island Hopper Quests
  • GG Emoticon – Complete one-Island Hopper Quests

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