How to Collect Mechanical Parts in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Epic Quests

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Fortnite’s first-ever items and game mechanics, Mechanical Parts and Animal Bones, are new and unique. They can be used to create different types of Makeshift Weapons. This guide will show you how to gather Mechanical Parts that can be used to transform your Makeshift Weapons into Mechanical Weapons.

How to Collect Parts for Mechanical Equipment

While collecting Mechanical Parts is simple enough, many don’t realize all the options available to them when they are trying to harvest them. Sure, sure, it says you can get them from tractors and forklifts — but do you?

A Fortnite character breaking a forklift for mechanical parts.A Fortnite character breaking a forklift for mechanical parts.

You are missing out on many opportunities to access the resources that you want. Vehicles that have been intact, such Cars and Trucks can take a lot more damage than Tractors and Forklifts to make them drop Mechanical Parts. And they almost always drop the exact same amount. These resources are best if you can harvest from them. Forklifts, tractors, and cars that have been damaged.

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Instead of searching for mechanical parts on the road, you can instead go to certain locations or landmarks that are known to be home to multiple vehicles. This includes Colossal Crops (for the tractors), Dirty Docks (for the Forklifts), or RV Parking Lots (like in Weeping Woods and Sweaty Sands).

A Fortnite character destroying a car for mechanical parts.A Fortnite character destroying a car for mechanical parts.

It is simple to collect the parts. You simply need to use your Pickaxe to break the object that holds them. You can also blow up the object (as shown in the above image), but this will take up precious ammo you may need later. This is why you should destroy RVs and Forklifts instead of driving vehicles.

Collecting the Mechanical Parts is as easy as going up to one of these objects. You don’t need to interact with these materials to create them. You are now ready to begin collecting these resources.

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