How to claim an abandoned tent in Fortnite

How to claim an abandoned tent in Fortnite

We are asked to claim an abandoned Tent in Week 5 of Seasonal Quests for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Although tents are quite common on the map, it can be hard to find one if you don’t know where or how to search.

First, find an abandoned Tent to claim. There is no one place you can locate them. Their locations are determined by where they were left in their previous matches. We have found that most abandoned Tents can be found in buildings and houses.

This is believed to be done by players to avoid being attacked or seen while they interact with the tent. You can increase your chances to find one by landing in an area with several buildings or houses, and then search every room. A tent will be identified as abandoned if it is not properly propped up, and it is gray rather than the usual blue.

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Once you find an abandoned Tent, go towards it. Press and hold the primary button to interact with the Tent. This list will show you which button, depending on your system, is the primary interaction.

  • PC
  • Xbox: X
  • Square
  • Switch to:

After you’ve followed the above instructions, your tent will be claimed under your name.

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