How to change Traveler’s Element in Genshin Impact

How to change Traveler’s Element in Genshin Impact

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Regardless of whether you choose to play Aether or Lumine at the start of the game, the Traveler canonically possesses a unique ability to wield all Elements—despite not holding a Vision nor Delusion.

The Traveler begins the game as an unaligned, non-elemental character. These abilities can activated or changed by interfacing to a Statue of The Seven, which is specific for each nation.

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Just interact with the Statues of Seven in a particular nation and choose the option Harmonize with [Element] to grant Traveler the Elemental ability aligned to the same nation—Anemo for Monstadt, Geo for Liyue, and Electro for Inazuma.

To change the Element for the Traveler, you must first go to the nation that houses the Element. The Traveler’s character level does not change regardless of which Element is used. Talents and Constellations can be found in the meantime. uniqueEach Element has its own upgrade materials, so upgrades are different for each one. Switching to a different element won’t affect your progress. You can upgrade as many times you like without any consequences.

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