Genshin Impact’s inaugural Custom Domain-making Event, Divine Ingenuity runs from Mar. 2, 2022 to Mar. 21, 2022. All players are invited to the event Adventure Rank 28 or higher who have completed the Liyue Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches.

You can create Custom Domains for other players to enjoy during the event. There are many ways to modify the gameplay of the Domain. Click on the SettingsThe edit page’s upper left corner can be found.

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You can toggle between different gameplay mechanisms under the Challenge Settings section. Here’s a brief overview of their functionality.

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Criteria for Completion

The Domain’s ultimate goal is determined by the Completion Criteria. You can choose one of these options, or both.

  • Reach the DestinationTo complete the Challenge, players must find the Destination mechanism to interact with it. No matter how they get to the Destination, their run will be successful.
  • Obtain Adventurer Coin(s)To win this game, players must collect all Adventurer Coins within the Domain. You can set a goal that is less than the maximum.

Players will need all Adventurer Coins once both Criteria are chosen AndReach the Destination to complete the Domain.


You have the right to choose from the following options: Ban SkillsFrom the Domain. They won’t have the ability to use Geo Constructs, Venti or Kazuha’s Elemental Skills to move inside if you don’t allow it. This makes it more difficult to design the Areas so that they can be completed with no special skills.

You can also set the Time limitTo meet the Domain’s Completion Criteria. To edit the time, use the plus/minus signs The second.

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Make Life Points

Elemental damage can be dealt to players by placing obstacles. Each time they are attacked, they lose one Life Point. Take a swing. You can adjust the number of Life points to any value between 0 and 100. From 1 to 10To make it easier or more difficult to survive in the Domain.

Our guide is available here How to add new Areas in Custom Domains — Genshin Impact Divine Ingenuity EventExpand your Custom Domain


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