You might be looking forward to Halloween or just a little bit of spooky fun in your Minecraft world. If so, you will want to learn how to make your pumpkin look devilish! This is a simple process that can be used to create a Snow Golem or Iron Protector.

How to Carve Pumpkins

You will need a Pumpkin Maker to carve one in Minecraft. pair of shearsUse them to cover a pumpkin on the ground. Pumpkins can be found in any biome. They only need a grass block that has space above it to spawn. They are most commonly found in plains biomes, which is mainly because they are the most common land type in the game.

pumpkins spawned in a plains biome in Minecraftpumpkins spawned in a plains biome in Minecraft

Carved Pumpkins: How to Use

You now have a carved pumpkin. What do you do? You can use it to decorate the base, or to add some spooky flair to it. You can make them into lanterns by turning them into Jack o’ Lanterns. By placing a carved pumpkin into a lantern, you can achieve this. crafting tableWith a torch.

Jack o' lanterns in MinecraftJack o' lanterns in Minecraft

It can also be used to protect yourself from Endermen. Although it doesn’t provide armor, it makes it possible to view Endermen and not make them attack. This could be used to your advantage if the End is near to you to battle the Ender Dragon, or to check out the area. However, it can be difficult to see where you are going when wearing one of these.

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Wearing a carved pumpkin as a helmet in MinecraftWearing a carved pumpkin as a helmet in Minecraft

A carved pumpkin can be used to make an Iron or Snow Golem. This is a good thing to keep around your base to protect you against any mobs that may attempt to attack you. You can create an Iron Golem by stacking four iron blocks in a triangle shape, then placing a pumpkin over the two middle blocks. To make a Snow Golem, place two snowblocks on top of each others and then add the pumpkin!

Iron and Snow Golem recipes in MinecraftIron and Snow Golem recipes in Minecraft

Farming pumpkins

Shearing pumpkins is a great way to grow them. This will give you pumpkin seeds. Once you have the seeds, it is easy to till the ground as normal and then plant one. You must leave enough space for the pumpkin seed to grow, which is different from traditional farming. It won’t grow right where you put the seed. But it will grow next to that spot. Once your pumpkin is ready for harvesting, be sure to remove the stalk and cut it out. This will make it ready to be used as a seed for another pumpkin.


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