How to build a gold farm in Minecraft

How to build a gold farm in Minecraft

Minecraft’s most precious resource is gold. It is very similar to real life. A stockpile of gold can be obtained and maintained in-game to create some of the most powerful healing items, like Golden Apples.

Therefore, a gold farm should be a top priority.

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Gold Farm Concepts

Our gold farm will be built by harvesting Gold Nuggets (Zombified Piglins) for its gold. The nether is a fertile place for Piglins, especially the Nether Wastes. You’ll find the best place to build your gold farming operation.

The gold farm traps Zombified Piglins, then kills them to extract their gold. You can do this by digging a hole, then covering it with trapdoors. The trap doors should be open so that the Piglins can believe that there is a block beneath them and walk into the hole. This trap is best if you have 5×2. It allows for a lot of Piglins.

Building the Gold Farm

To build high walls, you will need to dig on both sides of the original pit. You can enclose the pit from one side. This provides a safe area and allows for an entry. A ceiling is also a good idea to put on the farm. This will prevent Ghasts, Blazes or any other enemies shooting from afar.

You’ll need to place hoppers, then chests three blocks below. This will allow you to easily collect the gold.

You will now need to dig down to the level where the hoppers are. Place a line of slabs along the feet of any trapped creatures at the level nearest the hoppers. Small Piglins can escape if you forget to place the slab. This creates an area for harvesting.

It’s a good idea to dig around on the other side to gain easy access to the chests.

After you have completed the build, aggro the Zombie Piglins. Simply attack one of them and then lure them to the trap. Next, head down to the harvesting area to strike the Piglins. All the gold they drop will go into the chests below. You have now got your Gold Farm!

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