How to Breed Dogs in Minecraft

How to Breed Dogs in Minecraft

Dogs (or instead, Wolves) were added to Minecraft back in 2011 for Beta Version 1.4. They are one of the oldest creatures in Minecraft. For almost the same time, we have been able to tame Wolves as well as make them pet Dogs. Even though they have been around for over a decade, there is no instruction on how to breed them.

How to breed dogs in Minecraft

Breeding pets is just as simple as taming them. Two Wolves are all you need, and two pieces of meat. It doesn’t matter what kind of meat you choose. There is one restriction: you cannot use any type or fish to breed Wolves.

Let’s begin with the many types of food that you can use when breeding Wolves. The following list shows all of your options. If you want to breed Wolves, you have the option of choosing any two; they don’t necessarily need to be the same.

  • Beef (Raw, or Cooked).
  • Chicken (Raw, or Cooked).
  • Rabbit (Raw and Cooked).
  • Porkchop (Raw, or Cooked).
  • Mutton (Raw and Cooked).

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You will need at least 2 pieces of meat to start breeding your dogs/wolves.

A wolf looking at a character in Minecraft.A wolf looking at a character in Minecraft.

Your Wolves should not be sitting down. To get them up, press the secondary button if they are seated. They won’t be able to breed if they’re sitting down.

You can place the food that you choose into your active slot (the main card of your character). Your pet Wolves may turn their heads and remain focused on you. The secondary action button can be used to feed the second wolf. Red hearts will fly around your dog as it eats the food. This is the sign that your first dog is ready to be bred.

Wolves breeding in Minecraft.Wolves breeding in Minecraft.

Do the same thing with the second dog. The second dog will do the exact same thing and the two canines will walk towards each others hearts still fluttering. They will turn around for a while, and then a baby Wolf (trained by you) will appear. Congratulations! You are now a Dog Breeder. You can give it a name!

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