How to breed an Axolotl in Minecraft

How to breed an Axolotl in Minecraft

A pool will be needed in order to breed Axolotls using Minecraft. Since the pool and Axolotls stored in it should be easily identified, we recommend that the pool is built close to the player’s home.

For breeding Axolotls you will need one pool, 2 Axolotls, 2 Buckets Tropical Fish, and 2 buckets. You don’t have to make the pool large, nor do you need it to be. Axolotls will be bred close together so that they can share the same space. The design of your pool is entirely up to you. Axolotls are capable of climbing higher than one block. We constructed a pool that was 3x3x2x2. The water was only able to hold one block of water.

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Once the pool is constructed, place each Axolotl in the pool. Give each Axolotl one Bucket each of Tropical Fish. After being fed, Axolotls’ hearts will burst into flames. The Axolotls will quickly breed and produce a baby Axolotl in a matter of minutes.

Axolotls can spawn in five colors: Cyan (Lucy), Wild, Gold, Cyan, Cyan, Cyan, and Cyan.

Where to Find Buckets of Tropical Fish

Are you looking for buckets of tropical fish? These items can either be bought from traders who wander the streets or found in the oceans. To search for tropical fish, the player will need to have a bucket of fresh water. After finding the tropical fish in an ocean, click right-click to grab the bucket of water.

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