Fortnite How to Block With a Lightsaber – Reflect & Deflect Damage!

Fortnite How to Block With a Lightsaber – Reflect & Deflect Damage!

This article will show you how to use a lightsaber to block your enemy’s incoming fire in Fortnite’s Star Wars event. You will need to block your enemy’s incoming flames in order to take full advantage this mythic weapon! The lightsaber can not only block the damage but also reflect it back at your enemy.

Blocking with the lightsaber can be very important, as it will allow you to participate in Star Wars Challenges and get free cosmetics. This is also useful if your goal is to slash at your opponent and avoid being shot repeatedly.

Fortnite Lightsaber Blocking

It’s really easy, just hold down the AIM button (called “TARGET” in the key-binds area of the settings) and you will be able to aim your sniper rifle. This is the button that you have bound to zoom in your aim and scope your sniper gun! It is usually located on the left trigger of a controller or the right click on your mouse. It will stay down if you hold it down. You will block any fire from an enemy if you keep your foot on the block button.

Remember that explosive damage and rockets coming at you cannot be blocked. This is a good way to do damage to someone who is simply holding out their lightsaber, blocking all of your shots.

Continue firing at anyone who blocks your view. They will eventually be removed. It’s not the most easy thing to do but it is possible if you have an assault rifle, or another fancy weapon. First Order Blaster RiflesYou can then continue to shoot at them in order to break their blocks! After that, they will be able to take damage as usual.

Additional Fancy Lightsaber Tips

If you have the lightsaber, you can also perform a combat roll. To do this, you will need to first hold the block key and then press the jump key. Your WASD keys, controller or controller will direct you in the direction that you want. Roll back if you do not hold the WASD keys or controller. Left will roll right, right will roll right and left will roll left. Forward will roll forward. A jumping roll is faster than running as a normal. To perform this, jump forward and then press the button to block. Then jump in the air. To keep moving forward quickly, you can repeat this process several times.

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Multiple attacks will eventually result in an overhead smash move that deals around 150 damage. If you are in a duel, this is where you can really hurt your opponent. If you can, try to hit that swing.

Lightsabers are capable of ripping through walls and structures. You can use them to smash through any obstacle.

How to Reflect & Deflect Damage With a Lightsaber

Although this isn’t a perfect science, if you continue to fire at your enemy while they are close at hand and keep your eyes on them, you may reflect some damage back at them. This can be difficult, but it can help you get some damage while your target is close by. A Star Wars-based achievement can be used to reflect damage or get an elimination. To get that perk and a sweet clip of yourself as a Jedi, make sure you try it out.