After completing their character customization, Roblox Demonfall allows every player to enter the tutorial. While the human player starts their journey, they are only one of three races available in the game: Demon, Human or Hybrid. The tutorial will teach you how to become a Demon.

When we say “lose the fight”, we mean the player must be killed. Each player enters the tutorial at the same spot in the snowy area, and is only moments away from a horrible tragedy. This tragic scene might be familiar to anime fans who watched Demon Slayer.

The player will be confronted by the first demon in the game. This monster is determined to kill the player. Simply let the enemy demon harass your character until it becomes a demon. Your character will go to Demon Purgatory and die. This fight is quite difficult so it’s not surprising that you die by accident.

However, if you don’t want to become demon, you can pick up the katana, and fight the demon until death. It is shown in the cutscene as being located next to the body of the cart.

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As a Demon, a player can begin a new storyline that is exclusive to the Demon race. The Human and Demon stories are distinct and can be completed by becoming a Demon.

Charles from Demon Purgatory can help kickstart your Demon storyline. You will be assigned your first mission. This will help you unlock your unholy powers as an inscrutable monster.

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