How to beat The Foundation in Fortnite and get Mythic MK-7?

How to beat The Foundation in Fortnite and get Mythic MK-7?

Fortnite’s most iconic character, the Foundation, is the Foundation. The Foundation boss NPC, which is currently Chapter 3 Season 1, is at the heart of the game. He holds an exclusive skin that is based on him and the only mythic MK-7. You must defeat and eliminate The Foundation NPC on the Sanctuary Landmark in order to obtain the mythic MK-7. You can use your regular weapon to kill him. It can be tricky because of his aggressive nature and high health bar.

Where is The Foundation located on the new map of Canada?

The Sanctuary landmark has a section in which the Foundation NPC boss can be found. The below image can be used as a pictorial reference.

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Tips and tricks to defeat The Foundation NPC boss

  • Collect any assault rifle or SMG available by landing at the Sanctuary. It’s great to find a sniper rifle. Don’t forget to stockpile any necessary items, such as potions, bandages, and med-kits.

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  • The Foundation NPC can be found near the outpost’s central footpath. Be sure to stand or build near him before you begin shooting at him.
  • You should start with a sniper gun and land shots until you have enough bullets. Your sniper gun should be able to penetrate his shields. Start with your primary weapon if you don’t own a sniper rifle.
  • If you begin attacking him, he’ll retaliate by firing on you or throwing rocks at you. You will be instructed to get rid of him by other sentry troops. To evade such retaliation, take advantage of your high ground and buildings.
  • Keep jumping from building to building and hiding when you need to heal, reload or hide. Avoid getting too close to him and engage in long-range fights.
  • To slow him down, you can throw any firefly or flash grenades at your disposal.
  • Switch to your secondary weapon now and begin shooting at him in small groups. After shooting a few rounds with the secondary, you can kill him.
  • After defeating him, the Mythic MK-7 will be yours.
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The above method can be used in any game mode.  

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