How to Add a Trident Symbol (Ψ) to Fortnite Username

How to Add a Trident Symbol (Ψ) to Fortnite Username

While playing Fortnite you’ve likely come across teammates that have some neat symbols next to their username, or even usernames made of odd characters. This is often thought to be a privileged content or something that can only be achieved by elite hackers. It’s easy to do, and anyone can do it!

How to Add a Trident Symbol (Ψ) to Fortnite Username

You need two things to add symbols such as the trident and any other viable symbol. You must know how to change your Fortnite username. Here’s a guide to help you do it. How to Change Your Username in Fortnite. You can only change your username every two weeks. If you do make a mistake, but you still confirm it within two weeks, your username will be in effect for the next two weeks.

The other thing you need to know to effortlessly add Ψ is pretty common knowledge. You simply need to know how to Copy & Paste. To copy and paste on a computer, you can use Ctrl+C for copying then Ctrl+V for pasting. 

Once you log into Epic Games, and you have accessed the general account pages, you will see the option of changing your display name. Simply copy the symbol and paste it from this page to add it to your display name.


There are many symbols that you can add to your username.

Why not take a look at your Epic Games account while you are there? Enable 2FA?

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