The fourth part of the The Chasm Delvers World Questline is The Heavenly Stone’s Deci. Three mechanisms must be activated in the Stony Halls to complete the last part of this quest. This part can be unlocked as soon as the area is opened up. blasting a hole with the Mountainator.

Before you start, ensure that you have all the necessary documents. Lumenstone Adjuvant must be at least level 2 To dispel Oozing Concretions or dark mud. It is also recommended to bring a Hydro shields can be broken by characterYou will need to be prepared for a fight against the Hydro Abyss Lector towards the end of this quest.

How to activate Mechanisms

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This quest will assist you in navigating through the clearing. You will mark the locations of the three mechanisms on the World Map or mini-map. Oozing Concretes nearby has locked the mechanisms.

These fears must be dispelled Activating the Lumenstone AdjuvantYou can find them within close proximity and they will cost you 1 Energy to get rid of. You should be careful not step on the darkened mud as this can drain your Gadget’s Energy.

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The mechanism will be unlocked once you have gotten rid of the Oozing Concretions. To recharge the mechanism with three Energy, you must interact with it. All three mechanisms in the area can be recharged using the same process.

Make sure to pick up the glowing blobs blue light scattered throughout the Stony Halls.Recover the Lumenstone Adjuvant Energy.

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Where is the Oozing Creation for the Last Mechanism

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It’s easy to see the Oozing Concretions that are used for the first two mechanisms because they’re so close to them. The last Oozing Concretions, located at the bottom of the mechanism, can be a little tricky. The Oozing Concretion is hidden behind the mechanism. However, there’s a small blob at the top. Continue following the path of dark mud, and you will find the Oozing Concretion at the gate.

Completing and completing the Quest

After activating all three mechanisms are activated, a cutscene will be played. Hydro Abyss Lector will immediately spawn. After defeating him, a second cutscene will play. Then, you’ll be able to engage in a conversation with Zhiqiong. After that, the quest is complete and you can continue the Archon Quest Requiem of Echoing Depths and the next part of the World Questline.

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