How tall is Minecraft Steve?

How tall is Minecraft Steve?

Minecraft Steve’s height debate is almost as old and well-respected as Minecraft itself. There has been a lot of discussion, with different points being valid. Veteran Minecraft Forum veterans will probably recall the consensus that Minecraft Steve was a male average height of 5’9″.

Some users used the Minecraft files to find out the truth. They saw that Minecraft Steve’s hitbox on the game was approximately 1.5 meters high (just shy of two blocks), which in reality is 5’9″. But, now we know this was not the truth.

The Official Xbox Twitter Account, which is owned by Minecraft’s parent firm Microsoft, posted the below tweet and closed down the debate over Steve’s height.

Now that we know this, Minecraft Steve will be a completely different person.

— Xbox (@Xbox) October 21, 2021

Steve’s hitbox in this game is 1.8m, but his actual height is actually 1.875m. This raises his height from 5’9″ to 6’2″.

The Tweet did not explain the situation, and the debate about the precise height of the creator remained. The theories of previous creators, hitbox size and the number of pixels of the iconic character no longer seem to be valid.

The biggest question is: With Steve being slightly taller that Mario in Super Smash Bros. does this mean that Mario is actually average height?

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