How Many Strongholds are in a Minecraft World?

How Many Strongholds are in a Minecraft World?

In the early days Minecraft, there was only three Strongholds per World. Many updates have occurred since then to alter the world generation. Strongholds have been a part of many of these changes. Players are now curious about how many there actually are. It all depends on what version of Minecraft you are using.

Bedrock Edition

The number of Strongholds available in Bedrock Edition is limited only by the size of the world. They can also generate together, as they don’t have a set distance or spawn point. This means that there is no limit to the number of Strongholds you can have in your world.

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Java Edition

Java Edition has a 128 Stronghold hard cap. These Strongholds generate in varying amounts around the coordinates x0 and y0. The radius determines the number of Strongholds in each ring. Below is a list that details the number of Strongholds within each ring’s range.

  • 1,280-2,816 blocks from x0,y0: 3 strongholds
  • 4,352-5.888 Blocks starting at x0,y0: 6 Strongholds
  • 7,424-8.960 Blocks starting at x0,y0: 10 Strongholds
  • 10,496-12.032 Blocks Starting at x0,y0. 15 Strongholds
  • 13,568-15.104 blocks from x0 and y0: 21 strongholds
  • 16,640-18.176 Blocks starting at x0,y0: 28 Strongholds
  • 19,712-21,248 blocks from x0,y0: 36 strongholds
  • 22.784-24.320 Blocks starting at x0,y0: 9 Strongholds

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