How long is downtime for Fortnite?

How long is downtime for Fortnite?

Fortnite’s updates are very consistent. They update every Tuesday. These updates are listed first on the official Fortnite Status twitter page. Additionally, any downtime that is urgent will be noted. Here’s what we know about Fortnite’s downtime.

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When will fortnite come back online?

Because not all patches are equal in size, it’s difficult to give an exact number. However, Fortnite downtimes are usually complete within 90-120 minutes of the servers being taken offline. The size of the update can mean that season launches might take longer.

When it comes to these Fortnite patches, matchmaking is disabled 30 minutes before the update goes live. As mentioned, the update goes live within 90 to 120 minutes. To be able play the game you must wait until your system has downloaded the patch. After the patch has been applied, you can queue up again in Fortnite, as long as the servers remain online.

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