How Long Does it Take for Copper to Oxidize in Minecraft?

How Long Does it Take for Copper to Oxidize in Minecraft?

In Minecraft version 1.17, Copper Blocks (and all of its variants) were added to the game. Copper Blocks are transformed from their normal shiny bronze color to a greenish-colored hue by oxidation in Minecraft. This guide will explain what it takes to achieve this effect in different conditions.


It takes a Copper Block between 50 minutes to 70 minutes to move from the Unweathered to the Fully Oxidized State.

Random Ticks are the most important factor in the oxidation process. A Random Tick in Minecraft refers to an inconsistant occurrence of a Block Update. Random Ticks in Minecraft are a random occurrence of a Block Update that applies by chance (ie. growing plants or expanding fire). These Random Ticks determine how quickly oxidation can progress to the next stage. It could take as little as a few seconds or as long as several hours.

Speed can be altered

A Copper Block with a lower Oxidation Level within four blocks (Manhattan distance), is the only way to slow down the rate of Oxidation.

There is currently no way to speed up or slowdown the oxidation process within Survival. It can however be modified in Creative Mode by the following command:

/gamerule RandomTickSpeed nAmount (replace “nAmount” with your desired amount).

The above command doesn’t make oxidation more rapid, but it does increase the number of Blocks affected by Random Ticks in any given chunk, including Copper Blocks.

This is a brand new mechanic so that you don’t need to know anything else! These information could change as the game updates.

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