The Three Realms Gateway Offering runs for 40 days and is open to all ages February 17, 2022 to March. 30, 2022. It will be held in Enkanomiya under Watatsumi Islands. You can participate if you have met the following prerequisites:

  • Reach Adventure rank 30 or higher
  • Completion of the Archon Quest Chapter II Act II – Stillness and the Sublimation of Shadow
  • Complete the Enkanomiya World Quest Erebos’ Secret

What is Corrosion exactly?

This effect is similar to the Rifthounds’ Corrosion Debuff. However, the Three Realms Gateway Corrosion effect works more like a meter to determine how dark an area is. This impacts your gameplay. Areas with a Corrosion Impact significantly higher that your Resistance level can be difficult to explore. A high Corrosion Index will cause significant damage to your physical and emotional resistances.

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What is Corrosion Intensity and how can it be measured?

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Corrosion intensity is the amount of darkness in an area. These values can be found on the World Map. It shows the Intensity for the areas you might have difficulty accessing. If the Corrosion Intensity of an area is higher than your Resistance, then the Bokuso Box lights up. The darkness will not be liftedFrom enemies, objects, etc. Its light also You can expect a slow to moderate rate of declineIt all depends on the size of the Corrosion discrepancy.

What is Corrosion Resistance, you ask?

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Corrosion Resistance is the tolerance level for Corrosion Intensity. You can enter areas with a greater Intensity that your Resistance, but it’s unlikely that the Box’s light is strong enough for the darkness.

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You can Increase Your ResistanceBokuso Box Leveling. It starts at six Resistance level 1 and ends at 120 Resistance level 15.

What is Corrosion Index?

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You can find the Corrosion index to the left on the mini-map. This value will determine How much do you earn? Corrosion Intensity can affect battle performance. The Index is a measure of your Physical Resistance, Elemental Resistance, or Damage. It’s higher, the more severe.

If you go to a place that has a higher Corrosion Intensity, you might find yourself taking more damage and receiving less back. Also, a high Index will result in more Damage. Increase the rateThis is how the Bokuso Box light decreases over time.

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