Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List – Best Characters Ranked (July 2022)

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Hi guys! Are you looking for Guilty Equipment Xrd Tier 2222? Here you can find the best Guilty Gear Xrd characters and an up-to-date Guilty Gear Xrd tier listing guide.

Guilty Gear XRD Rev 2 – This is the amazing third action fighting game in the Guilty Series. It features new gameplay, battles and a new cast with ultimate characters. It is the most well-known fighting game in the world, with stunning graphics and visuals. The game’s reputation as the most difficult and challenging fighting game means that it can be very difficult to prove your worth.

You’re in luck because we’ve created a tier system that ranks all characters in Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 based their abilities, play styles, and other factors. This will enable you to make intelligent and wise decisions and take charge of the game. So without wasting time, let’s start Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List.

Tier List Update – 11th July 2022

Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List – Characters Ranked 2022⇩

Guilty Gear Xrd Tier ListGuilty Gear Xrd Tier List
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 Tier List

Guilty gear Xrd has over 25 characters. Each character comes with their own story and customization options. Choose one to begin your gameplay. Everyone wants to choose the best fighter, but this is where there is most confusion. This guide will help you to find the Ultimate Guilty Gear Rev Tier List 2022. Check below to see the 4 tiers of characters and their FA.

S Tier – Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List >>

The fighters listed in this tier – s rank should be your first priority because they are one of the best characters. They deliver exceptional results and will not let you down in battle.

Characters Tier List FA
Elphelt Tier – S 12
Faust Tier – S 12
Johnny Tier – S 15
Ky Tier – S 15
Raven Tier – S 10
Sin Tier – S 18

A Tier – Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List >>

Although the tier A characters are less competitive than their s-tier counterparts, you can’t go wrong with them as they are good fighters.

Characters Tier List FA
Chipp Tier – A 9
I-No Tier – A 11
Jack-O’ Tier – A 10
Millia Tier – A 8
Sol Badguy Tier – A 14
Zato-1 Tier – A 8

B Tier – Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List >>

Tier B characters are considered average competition. They don’t promise the best results in comparison to tiers S and A so they should only be used when there are no other options.

Characters Tier List FA
Character Tier – B FA
Answer Tier – B 5
Axl Tier – B 7
Dizzy Tier – B 9
Jam Tier – B 7
Leo Whitefang Tier – B 9
May Tier – B 5
Venom Tier – B 6

C Tier – Guilty Gear Xrd Tier List >>

We do not like these tier c characters. These characters are listed in our guide to help you remember their names so that they can be avoided in future games.

Characters Tier List FA
Baiken Tier – C 2
Bedman Tier – C 5
Kum Tier – C 2
Potemkin Tier – C 3
Ramlethal Tier – C 7
Slayer Tier – C 3

Note –You can start the game by playing and practicing in trial mode. This allows you to test the fighting skills of your chosen characters.

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Game Wiki – About Guilty Gear Xrd Game⇩

Guilty Gear Rev 2 is the 3rdInclusion in the best Guilty games series. This action-packed fighting game was released in 2017. The game has new battle scenes and many unique characters. You can choose from 25+ fighting characters. You can customize these fighters by choosing their outfits. Trial mode is available at the start of the game. This allows you to practice fighting with your favorite characters.

Each fighter has its own story and mission. Choose your fighter and fight with them one-onone. Guilty Gear XRD Rave 2 is also available online for play with other players from the same community. Guilty Gear XRD Rave 2 has been rated the best 2D fighting game on both PC and PlayStation. It is known for its stunning visuals and latest graphics effects.


This is our motto Guilty GearGuilty Gear’s Xrd Tier Guide. This guide lists the top characters in Guilty Gun Xrd Re 2 and all the ranked characters. It also provides information that will help you change your characters and improve the gameplay. We hope you enjoy our Guilty gear Xrd Rev2 Tier List post. Enjoy your gameplay with the best fighters.

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