Graduation Update is coming to Roblox High School 2

Graduation Update is coming to Roblox High School 2

Graduation Update Coming Soon Roblox High School 2 this summer, following news that the game’s Twitter page surpassed 1,000 followers.Cinder Studio proclaimed the update to be the biggest ever for the game. Developer Forum,New content promises include graduation, an HD Map, avatar editor and house editor, as well as minigames and returning features from Roblox High School. This Spring, beta testing will begin.

Unsurprisingly, the Graduation Update will give students the opportunity to graduate from RHS2. It is unclear what this will mean, but Cinder Studio promises many benefits, with more details coming closer to launch. Who knows, maybe students will move on to Roblox University?

This could be the case, as the entire RHS2 map will be overhauled in HD, the first major design update since the game released. It makes sense that a RHS university will be built. There have been promises of new jobs and areas. Although this has not been confirmed, it is possible to speculate.

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New graduates should also be excited for the brand new customization options being added to RHS2. The avatar editor and house editor will be redesigned with “special, custom-made items,” new features,  and quality-of-life improvements.

Cinder Studios has promised that popular features from RHS1 will return in the Graduation Update, along with updates to all existing minigames.

Beta testing for the RHS2 Graduation Update starts in Spring 2021. For more information on when testing will officially begin, follow Cinder Studios Twitter or visit this page.

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