Genshin Impact is finally out, and you will have many questions if this is your first time playing the game. The open-world RPGs are full of intricate mechanics and can easily leave you confused. Two twins, a male-female pair, begin the game. They travel through various worlds when an angry god threatens them. A cutscene battle ensues.

You will be asked to make a choice during the opening cutscene. What twin should you choose, the male or female? It is more difficult than you might think. You don’t know if there are any changes by choosing one of the twins. What happens if one character has better stats than the other? If this is the case, then it might be necessary to create a new character!

Which twin should you choose?

It doesn’t really matter which gender you choose to start with. There are no differences stats-wise between the twins. It doesn’t change the way that the game begins or what happens; it’s just a choice about which gender you want to play. Both twins have the same abilities and use identical equipment. No quests are different.

After you have chosen your twin, you will need to give them a name. The rest of the cutscene will play. This is the moment that the unknown god seals away your sister or brother and the game officially begins. Start your adventure as the hero of your choice and embark on a mission in order to save your twin.

The twins are almost identical in appearance. They have the same blond hair, slim build, and yellow eyes. They both share the same ability at birth and the following stats:

  • Max HP – 912
  • Attack – 41
  • Defense – 57
  • Elemental Mastery – 0
  • Max Stamina – 100
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Your starting equipment, a dull blade and an attack value 23 regardless of which twin you choose is the same. Apart from the aesthetic difference, there is no other difference between the twins. So feel free to pick any gender you wish!

There are many more guides to help you get started with this new game. Genshin Impact section!


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