Genshin Impact – Where to Find Valberry

Genshin Impact – Where to Find Valberry

Last Update: March 30, 2010

This new format contains all the information you need to locate Vallberry’s.


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Genshin Impact offers more than just killing monsters. You also have a huge world to explore, and many items to find. You can take everything with you on your travels. There is a 30000 item limit, so weight is not an issue.

It’s important to keep everything in your inventory. You never know when you might need it. You might find it too difficult to complete the Weekly Mission in Battle Pass. collect 100 Mondstadt Local Specialties! The Valberry is one such specialty. Where can you find them?


Stormbearer Mountains or Stormbearer Point are the only places where the Valberry can be found wild. Stormbearer Mountains can be found to the north of Starfell’s Statue of the Seven. Stormbear Point can be found north of Starsnatch Cliff which is north of the Thousand Winds Temple. They are spread across the entire area so you will need to do a lot more exploring in order to locate them. Another way to get them is to try to locate the wandering NPC called Chloris. She’s located in an area called Windrise and sells Valberrys for 1000 Mora. However, there’s a limit: 5 which resets every 3 days.

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A screenshot of where to find Valberry's in Genshin Impact.A screenshot of where to find Valberry's in Genshin Impact.Thank you to Genshin Impact Interactive map!

Valberry is not used for character Ascensions. Therefore, Valberry should only be used if you are using Lisa or Noelle. Only one character AscensionThere are 168 Valberry’s that are required, but if you use both characters, then you will need 336!

The Valberry can be counted towards the Battle Pass Weekly Mission to collect 100 Mondstadt Specialties. You can use Lisa or Noelle to help you collect a lot of Valberrys simultaneously and complete both your goals. It is a Weekly Mission. This means that it takes longer to Ascend your characters.