Genshin Impact: Where can I find crystal chunks

Genshin Impact: Where can I find crystal chunks

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There are many rare materials in Genshin Impact. As you explore Teyvat’s world, Iron Ore will be your first discovery. Next, White Iron Chunks will appear. Keep collecting Iron Ore. Every material in Genshin Impact is required.

Where to Find Crystal Chunks


Two main locations can be found to find Crystal Chunks within Genshin Impact. The first is the Stormterror RuinsIn MondstadtThe second is Quigyun PeakThe Liyue region. To earn Crystal Chunks, you can send an unused character on an Expedition.

It doesn’t matter which area you choose to go first.Stormterror RuinsOder Qingyun PeakBoth areas are full of Crystal Chunks that can be mined, so bring a claymore user! Each area is difficult to navigate. At Stormterror Ruins you have to deal with the barriers, but at Quigyun Peak you have the height.

Clear out Stormterror RuinsFirst, move on. Qingyun PeakYou can find more in the area but there are also more. Huaguang Stone Forest Jueyun Karst. Both are possible to mine small amounts. Mondstadt LiyueThese are small compared to other resources. You can get 1-3 Crystal Chunks for every 72 hours that you mine.

A screenshot of the Genshin Impact map showing off the locations of Crystal ChunksA screenshot of the Genshin Impact map showing off the locations of Crystal Chunks
The Interactive Genshin Impact map!

There is mining ExpeditionsThe Whispering Woods, Dadaupa GorgeAnd Yaoguang Shore. You can send your characters on 20-hour Expeditions into these areas and they will return with seven to 8 Crystal Chunks.

 Crystal Chunk is only used within weapon crafting and crating gadgets, such as the Resonance Stones, Wind Catcher, Treasure Compass. Crafting a weapon requires 50 Crystal Chunks. You’ll need plenty of it. Three new weapons have been added to Genshin Impact 1.2. Each one takes 50 Crystal Chunks to craft. It’s better to farm this material now rather than waiting for it to become available. Our website has more information on the weapons. Genshin Impact 1.2 guide. Weapons that can be craftedCrystal Chunks offers the following:

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