Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Research Event guide

Genshin Impact Vibro-Crystal Research Event guide

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Genshin Impact’s Vibro Crystal Research event hosts another researcher, Patrice. He needs your assistance in proving the effectiveness and viability of Harmonics in battle. The event will run fromApril 21, 2022, through May 5, 2022All players who have met the following requirements are eligible to play.

  • Reach Adventure rank 28 or higher
  • Complete the Liyue Archon Quest Rite Of Parting in Chapter I, Act III – A New Star Approaches

Unlocking the Event Domain

Once you have met all requirements, you will receive an Event Quest, Vibro-Crystal Projektions. This quest starts at Katheryne in Liyue. The quest requires that you travel to The Chasm. The Vibro-Crystal Research Domain, located beside Patrice in The Chasm, will open after you complete the Event Quest. During the first six days, six stages will open.

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Party and Harmonics set-up

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When choosing a stage, ensure that youChoose the difficulty from the bottom right corner of the screenBefore clicking on Start

Before entering a stage you will need to set up 2 parties and their Harmonics. To help you in battle, choose one of the four Trial Characters at the upper right corner of your screen. Each character, like the Spiral Abyss can only be used once per party. Food and Elemental resonance effects don’t work Inside the Domain

Refer to the Challenge DetailsYou can find the information about the enemies for each half of stage by clicking on the upper-right corner of your screen.

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Click here HarmonicsTo set up Vibro-Crystal connections, click on the button next to each party. To select a Transmitter Crystal, click on the blue button to the left. The effects of each Transmitter Crystal are listed to the left.

Next, choose the Receiver Crystal that you wish to connect it to. On the left side of the screen, you will see the effects from the Receiver Crystal. Match the Transmitters with the Receivers to obtain your desired triggers. Do not forget to This should be repeated for both parties!

How to complete the Vibro-Crystal Domain

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Vibro-Crystal Domain functions in the same way as the Spiral Abyss, but it is divided into two halves. Each half lasts 2.5 seconds.

To trigger the conditions of the Transmission Crystals, you must create as many Harmonic Responses as possible. This is, for example, the first Domain.

  • Elemental Burst can inflict damage on opponents
  • Use an Elemental Skill
  • Character wins the game

Keep an eye out for new conditions during the next stages. These responses will give your party Harmonic Points. Crit Damage buffOnce the gauge at the top fills up, you can close the screen. You can fill it up. four times.

Final goal: To earn at least 500 score points towards the Primogem reward or 2,000 to receive all rewards in the Domain, By defeating enemies, you can score scores.


Click on the event menu to select Challenge RewardsYou must claim them before the event ends. After gaining 500, 1000, or 2,000 points, you’ll be able to claim Primogems and Mora as well as Mystic Enhancement Ores and Weapon Ascension Materials.

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