Genshin Impact uses a rarity system, where characters and weapons are separated by two tiers—Four-Star and Five-Star. Five-Star, which is the highest rarity in the game, is also the most difficult to get. Four-Star, on the other hand is the second-highest and is somewhat easier to find.

The gacha system means that your chances of getting a Five Star are much lower than those of getting a Four Star. This is where the game’s pity mechanism comes in to play. You don’t have to be extremely unlucky every day.

MiHoYo’s pity system is in place to make sure players don’t get anything. It is a failsafe. The number of pulls that you have made will determine how likely it is for a drop to occur. Your luck will change at some point, according to the game.

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A Five-Star drop will be granted after 90 wishes have been made—this is without receiving a single Five-Star character or item. A Four-Star drop is guaranteed to appear if a Four Star has not appeared after 10 wishes. You can pull for a weapon by changing the numbers. A Five-Star weapon has 80 pity points, while a Four Star weapon has 10.

Although the pity system guarantees a drop, it doesn’t carry any over. The counter will reset to 90 if there is a Five Star drop within the 90 wish usage. The Four-Star counter works the same way. It will not carry over the number of previously unsuccessful attempts—the pity system is no more than a failsafe to make sure you acquire something so you don’t feel swindled.

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The Pity System is a background process that most gamers won’t notice. If you don’t keep track of how many pulls your game is making, it’s unlikely that you will be aware that the pity system has been activated.

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