Genshin Impact The Great Gathering Guide — Fleeting Colors in Flight Event

Genshin Impact The Great Gathering Guide — Fleeting Colors in Flight Event

This year’s Lantern Rite event, Fleeting Colors in Flight, runs from Jan. 25, 2022 – Feb. 12, 20,22. Participants Adventure Rank 28 or higher who have completed the following requirements are eligible to participate.

  • Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches
  • Archon Quest Interlude Chap.: Act I – The Crane Returns on the Wind

One of the many ways you can help the Lantern Rite prepare for the Great Gathering is by volunteering your time.

How to Unlock

The Event Quest will be automatically given to players who have met the prerequisitesPetal-Lit Ships Fish for the MoonThis begins at the Jade Chamber. Ningguang tells you that Beidou has been fishing for the remains of the Jade Chamber’s old Jade Chamber. He asks you to assist.

To speak with Beidou or Xinyan, head to the Alcor. Waverider Waypoints, which are located in the Guyun Stone Forest will allow you to ride the vehicle and find Ningguang’s treasures.

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Waverider: Use it to eliminate the Treasure Hoarders’ first wave. Then, interact with the unlocked containers to find the lost cargo.

Head to land after the first battle in water and defeat the Treasure Hoarders. The next step is to find more cargo in the sea. Follow the highlighted areas on the mini map. You will then have one final battle on land, before the quest ends. Ningguang and Beidou will speak to you.

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All Treasure Hoarders, except those with fury icons on their heads, are easy to defeat. They are extremely tanky so be sure to have plenty of DPS.

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How to Play

The Great Gathering mini games will be unlocked after you complete the Event Quest. The quest has three game modes.

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Curio Salvage

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Curio Salvage will require you to defeat three waves at sea. Navigate through the event menu and then head to the Mora Box icons on the World Map. Defeat the enemies using your Waverider and pick up the crates—each instance will grant you x60 Immaculate Talisman.

Night Interrogation

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Interrogation by Night requires you to defeat three waves if enemies and loot Ningguang’s crates on land. To view the circular icons on the World Map representing enemy locations, click Navigate from the event menu. After completing one challenge, a new location will be displayed.

The Treasure Hoarder Elites, like the Story Quest are much harder to defeat. You’ll find boxes of firecrackers nearby—interact with them to pick them up, then throw them at the Elites to diffuse their buffs. These controls allow you to throw firecrackers:

  • PC: T button
  • Mobile:Click the firecracker icon in the bottom right corner of the screen
  • PlayStation:L1 + square button

Each challenge grants you x120 Immaculate Talisman and x3 Hero’s Wit.

Midpoint Interception

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In each Phase, there are two Midpoint interception stages. These are Waverider challenges that require you to destroy the transport balloon in the given time using Waverider skills as well as explosive barrels.

To increase your points, Treasure Hoarders can be defeated along the route. To get the Primogem reward, you only need 1,000 points. You will also need 2,000 points to unlock all Immaculate Talismans.

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